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Welcome to DDTST

The Deborah Day Theatre School has been operating in the London Borough of Newham for the past 35 years, offering classes in Dance, (tap, modern, jazz, ballet, hip hop, street jazz, acrobatics, lyrical, contemporary) , Drama and Singing. The school is inclusive and offers classes to children from the age of 3 to late teens, we have found that if pupils wish to make the performing arts a career we have trained them to a high enough standard to further their education to professional colleges/ university by the age of 16/18years depending on which courses they have chosen to undertake.

A few pupils have remained into their twenties but many have moved on by the age of 18/19years old. Whilst attending the school pupils are offered the opportunity to study the Imperial Society Teachers of Dance exams (from the age of 6) which are all QCA accredited. They are also given the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences at local theatres, with live musicians, sets, and costumes, to appear at the Newham Town Show, local and national dance festivals. Read More →

Tuesday 8th January 2019



Raised: £4,000 Goal: £1,000,000


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Raised: £4,000 Goal: £1,000,000

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Raised: £4,000 Goal: £1,000,000

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Raised: £4,000 Goal: £1,000,000

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What Others Have Said

Arthur Damon Ceo

“Staff at DDTST are so dedicated to bringing out the talents in each child. Performances during shows are very professional and impressive”

Joana Doyle Parent

"My son David has been exceling at DDTST for just over a year. I'm so please with his progress, The teachers at the school are so engaging. I highly recommend this dance school."

Emily Barreto Student / Volunteer

"I've been attending DDTST for over 10 years and have graduated in DDE and DDI. Since joining the DD's Casting Agency I've enjoyed many opportunities & appeared in West End perfomances, movies and TV ads."

Philipa Stevens & Jo Parent & Daughter

"I joined DDTST when Jo was 3, we both love dancing and drama, I especially like how professionally things are handled in the school. Theres so much attention to detail and care and consideration is given to all the kids. It's great!"

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